My Sweetest Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day my friends! Do you all have any special plans for the big day? The hubby and I have a fun date planned that I cannot wait to have! May share some details later…

Meanwhile, I’ll share with you some pictures of a last minute surprise I made for my daughter to celebrate this day dedicated to love.  It is super simple and was mostly done with items from the dollar section at Target. Don’t you just love that? I found lots of  fabulous items to decorate my sweets table and only spent around $20 on everything (including food)!! Yup. Pretty amazing.

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{Pattern your Party} Stripey Stripes


What a crazy first two weeks of the year I’ve had! Been busy, busy, busy organizing the house, getting rid of the things I haven’t used in a while, getting the kids back on routine… planning my son’s birthday, a baby shower and Valentine’s inspiration, whew! Just writing it makes me feel exhausted! Despite all the work it is, I love it all and the end result always puts a smile on my face and makes my heart beat a little faster. How has your first two weeks of the year been?

 It has been a while since I’ve posted a  Pattern Your Party, so I thought I would share with you some pretty images of this classic pattern. What I love about stripes is their versatility, they can look very elegant, specially in dark colors or can look young and playful in some bold bright hues. There are so many creative ways to incorporate this pattern into a party or simply create an entire  party around it. I am loving the use of washi tape to create a stripe pattern on regular glasses (how clever is that?) and the fantastic rainbow cake!

Images: from top left: rainbow cake, washi tape stripes, striped bag with invites, striped wooden spoonsstripey straws,  ribbon runner table setting, stripe napkin.

Christmas Snapshots


Can you all believe Christmas is alreday over? That sure went by quick but I wanted to share with you some of my favorite snapshots of this past weekend.  The kids had so much  fun  with all their new toys and memories were created. I always enjoy watching Christmas videos from past years, it kind of helps me put things into perspective and see how much we’ve grown and changed within a year.  Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

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{Fabulous Fete} A Ballerina Christmas


This past week I had the amazing opportunity of styling a sweets table for J’adore DANCE, a fabulous dance Company here in Virginia.  They were having their Winter performances and wanted a sweets table to match their Holiday decor of bright pinks, purple and a hint of blue.  The studio in itself is quite gorgeous so I had to come up with a concept that would be  just as fabulous and would really capture the studio’s aesthetic. This was a match made in heaven, to say the least, as I  found myself  among all things pink, pretty and glittery while working on it…In true J’adore fashion! 

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Burlap Fall Wreath

November is already here and that means cooler weather, cardigan season and of course, some Fall decorating.  I am not hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, which is bitter-sweet for me because call me crazy, but I enjoy all the planning, preparations, STRESS and excitement that comes with it. I know, it is a little strange.  On the other hand, I could really use a break so I’ll be more than happy to be a guest this year. Even though I won’t be having guest for Thanksgiving I am still decorating the house for the ocassion.

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