Offering Yourself Grace while Wedding Planning

Dec 6, 2017

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Weddings are stressful. From a small scale affair to a full blow production stress and a mountain of decisions are lurking at every turn. When you find yourself in the deep end of planning it can be so hard to remember that all of this is being done for love and celebration. Today we want to encourage the couples who are stuck right there in the mess of it all- You’re doing a fantastic job. Give yourself some grace today to enjoy this process rather than be overcome by stress.

Offering-yourself-grace-while-planning-your-wedding-A- Styled-Fete-Philadelphia-Florist

Remember that this is about a marriage

Weddings are awesome and we love to attend them. While the party is great the best part is being present to witness the commitment that is being made that day. One of the best ways you can give yourself grace in the planning process is to try and keep the whole thing in perspective. This celebration, this party, is about so much more than great food and lovely decor. You are making a very serious commitment to another human being and that should not be entered into lightly. When things aren’t going quite how you would like them to try and remember the real reason you are going through all of this effort.

You know all the plans but your guests don’t

Keep in mind also that you may have started out this process with really lofty #squadgoals and wedding dreams but your guests don’t know that. If there is an element that at any point along the way seems like too much then know that it is ok to cut that thing. Don’t spend another moment on something at this wedding that doesn’t bring you joy.

You don’t have to be the expert

another factor to remember is that this wedding is likely the largest party you have (or will ever throw). No one is expecting you to become an expert wedding planner overnight. There are so many people you can ask for help along this way navigating this process. From wedding vendors to a trusted friend who has gone before you don’t feel ashamed to ask for a little assistance when needed.


We hope that this perspective helps to encourage you to keep your chin up and find joy in the wedding planning process. If you are feeling overwhelmed and think its time to bring in reinforcements in floral and design then we would be delighted to chat. Contact us today for our full package guide with lots of great ways we can assist you and to book a complimentary consultation.


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