Interior Design as Wedding Inspiration

Jan 24, 2018

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Its become almost second nature for us to turn to one place specifically when we start looking for gorgeous inspiration images, that place is of course Pinterest.  But, did you know that the majority of pins you see when searching are more than a year old? Each time an image is re-pinned it gains a fresh lifecycle and the chance to be seen by new eyes. All of this means that if Pinterest is the only place you’re looking for wedding inspiration that image is more than likely older content and the style depicted might be outdated already or will be by the time your wedding day arrives.

When we’re designing an event we love to look at many different sources of inspiration and, while we will still collect those images together on Pinterest, it’s not the only spot we’re looking.  One of our favorite inspiration sources is the world of interior design, today we’re offering pointer on how you can use trends in interiors when creating your wedding look.

Wedding Inspiration from Interior Design // A Styled Fete, Philadelphia Florist

The Principals of Design

In all art and design, there are seven guiding principals that play into everything that can be created. It can be helpful to recognize these when looking for inspiration.

Balance– are objects in the image symmetrical, asymmetrical or radial from a central point?

Contrast– the difference between elements and how that difference draws attention

Emphasis– the visually dominant area or where we are to focus

Movement– How your eye navigates around the image

Pattern– uniform repetition within an image

Rhythm– movement created by pattern in a non-uniform way

Unity/Variety– what makes the image feel cohesive, creating both areas of interest and areas of rest for the eye

How to get started

The principals of design don’t change from medium to medium, it’s just the context that changes. An image of a living room with clean lines and bright colors can easily be translated into your centerpiece style or inform the look and feel of your invitation suite. When looking to images of interiors first simply collect what you like, even if you don’t know why or think it could possibly apply. After only a few images you’ll begin to notice a through-line in the collection of images, it could be color or line or texture- layout all of those images together and take a step back the patterns will begin to emerge.


Where to look

Sure Pinterest is also full of interior design ideas but where else are good places to start? Here are a few favorites for inspiration:

Apartment Therapy

Elle Decor 

Style Me Pretty Living 

Martha Stewart 

Magnolia Journal 


If you’re a bride who has a zillion wedding design ideas but just can’t narrow down quite how to pull those ideas together, never fear this is what we love to do! Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation to learn more about our wedding design services and how we can make your big day cohesive from the ceremony to the final dance of the night.

Photo: Stacy Hart Photography & Cake: Little Village Bakery 

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