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Feb 7, 2018

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Today we’re giving you another look behind the scenes at A Styled Fete and sharing the early stages of another one of our 2018 weddings. Every time we meet with a potential ASF bride we create a moodboard that accompanies the service proposal we’ve prepared for her. These proposal moodboards are our biggest ideas and dreams for her wedding presented in a visual way. We collect these images to inform color palette, texture and overall style of the celebration. While we will spend the months leading up to the big day refining this vision and narrowing in on what really makes our couple tick this initial imagery is our jumping off point and you can certainly see its mark on the finished product. Today we’re sharing our proposal mood board for September 2018 bride Jenna and discussing why these images spoke to us and plans for execution.

Greenville Country Club Wedding // A Styled Fete, Philadelphia Florist

When we first met with Jenna she shared that she was looking for unique blooms and didn’t want the same type of design that she had already seen at a number of weddings. She is particularly drawn to more textural ingredients like protea and air plants. We loved the idea of embracing an aesthetic that isn’t present in any of our other 2018 weddings and developed for her a So Cal inspired celebration that we are sure her guests will love.



We loved this bouquet image because it felt so original. Everything about it, the colors, the texture and the overall vibe was right on track with the look that we plan to create for Jenna.






While we will be using round guest tables for Jenna’s reception we love the look and feel of this tablescape. The eclectic mix of shapes and textures felt just right for our bride’s style. In reality, we’re going to be doing clusters of arrangements at a variety of heights along with candlelight to soften the look but we are definitely drawing inspiration from this pretty table.




This is another image of the textured blooms that we plan to use on both Jenna’s tablescape and also for her cocktail hour centerpieces. We love that texture doesn’t have to mean un-feminine.






This image (and actually the next too) are a great example of why these moodboards are a starting place for our design and how our plans change as we get deeper into the design process. Jenna’s reception will be held in the tented patio at Greenville Country Club and we were inspired by this photo to suggest a greenery installation fo the roof of the tent. While this ideal ultimately was cut from the design plan it was one of those ‘dream big’ ideas that we tossed out there early on in the process.






Here again is an example of how our early ideas can change, we loved this image as inspiration of the central portion of a long head table. In our discussion with Jenna and the venue, it was decided that a long head table would be used but that we would be seating bridal party members on both sides making this design no longer possible. We have now changed course and will be executing a greenery garland runner along with candlelight.


We hope you enjoyed seeing a little bit of what goes into the early stages of planning a wedding design. Creating the proposal moodboard is the first step in our process, but one that absolutely informs how we will proceed with the rest of the planning process. After we’ve create the proposal moodboard and the service proposal for a bride our next steps after booking is to visit the venue together with our bride (read more about why we love to do venue visits here) and then we head back to the design drawing board to flesh out the plans that we developed for her original proposal. At this point in the process we create a much more extensive visual, a full wedding lookbook. This document is a visual representation of each element of the day and can range from five-twelve pages in length.

If looking at these plans for Jenna’s wedding day has you feeling inspired and wishing you had this type of support creating your own wedding design then reach out and say hi. We would love to schedule a complimentary consultation where we’ll chat all about your biggest wedding day dreams. We love to create harmonious color palettes and cohesive designs and would be thrilled to help you on this complicated design adventure.


The images contained in this post were sourced from wedding blogs, Instagram and Pinterest, we do not claim them as our own work but rather as a source of inspiration for this project. Please follow the link below each image to find the original source material, creators, and photographers. Graphic image: Stacy Hart Photography 

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