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Feb 21, 2018

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At A Styled Fete we have brides contact us who are all at different stages of their wedding planning process. Today we want to offer a little guidance as to when is the best time to reach out and begin the booking process for the two different types of services that we offer, wedding design and floral design. Newly engaged ladies are bombarded with myriad wedding planning timelines from every source, as the team behind actually doing the work we’ve got a few thoughts on this topic that we want to share.

When to book a wedding florist // A Styled Fete, Philadelphia Florist

When to book a Designer

By and large, bringing a wedding designer on board as early in your wedding planning process as possible is advisable. No matter what the length of your engagement this should be one of the first wedding vendors that you look to book if style is an important element of your day.

As designers, we’ve got an opinion on everything that has to do with the look and feel of your celebration and we LOVE to create an event that is cohesive from start to finish. It’s our goal to take your guests on a journey that tells your love story from the Save-the-Date through your stylish dessert display to close out the night.

If you do want the assistance of a wedding designer look to book one as soon as you have your wedding date and venue confirmed (12-15 months out is ideal!) this allows us the time to think outside of the box to curate a custom event that is truly unique to you.


When to book a Florist

If full wedding design isn’t high on your priority list it’s still likely that booking a florist is. Once again everyone has a different engagement timeframe but we suggest that 9-12 months out from the wedding is an ideal time to book a florist. Many of the wedding timelines that you’ll find floating around Pinterest suggest a smaller window (six months out from the big day is a popular suggestion) but we think a longer time frame is ideal.

The florists who are in demand are going to start booking up and may not be available for your big day. While it might sound a little crazy we’ve had brides contact us about wedding florals twenty-four months down the road- yep, two whole years away. At A Styled Fete we open booking for the upcoming calendar year in January the year prior (So January 2018 we began booking through December 2019). We’re also are committed to only taking on one full wedding floral client per-weekend so our available dates get filled up a lot faster than you might think. We think that booking a year out is the sweet spot of being close enough to the wedding to know what style you want to pursue while also having a good handle on important considerations like the budget.


If you’re a bride who is past our suggested windows- don’t panic but do take action! Now is the time to research and schedule consultations with the wedding vendors whose work you admire. If there is someone you really want to work with getting on their radar earlier rather than later is always a helpful first step, even if you aren’t quite ready to book.


Are you a bride-to-be whose feeling the time crunch and could use help in the design or floral department? If so then it isn’t too late to contact us for 2018 weddings, but we are booking up quickly. In fact, we only have space for a few more sweet 2018 couples on our calendar. So if your date is this year reach-out today to schedule your consultation! We’re in full swing booking events through the end of 2019 so feel free to reach out about those dates too!

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  1. Lisa Fitts Photography

    February 21st, 2018 at 9:32 pm

    Such helpful information for brides planning their day and when to start booking particular vendors especially if you have a specific look you are envisioning. I will definitely be sharing this with my brides!

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