The secret to a swoon worthy wedding

Feb 28, 2018

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Have you ever seen a swoon worthy wedding in a magazine or your favorite wedding blog and completely fell in love with it? You know what I am talking about, that perfectly styled wedding where every little element seems to effortlessly work harmoniously with each other causing your heart to beat a little faster than usual. You might not realize it but the reason behind such fascination is a cohesive team of vendors. You see, when the team of vendors for your wedding share the same style and vision for the day, magic happens.  I’m serious!  It is so important that your wedding team connects in the same level of quality and aesthetic in order to produce the remarkable event you are dreaming of.

Just like in a symphony multiple, talented musicians and artists are orchestrated in order to produce harmonious music; in the same way all wedding vendors need to be aligned and “playing the same tune” to create wedding magic. Wedding design is very much an art form and we understand researching, booking and managing every single vendor involved in a wedding’s design is very time consuming and daunting. While many vendors may offer the same product, they are not all the same. In order to take the guesswork out of this process we offer a Complete Wedding Design Package to ensure all vendors-from stationary designers, to linen and decor rentals, are the best fit for your wedding and aligned with a same vision and goal. When we are all speaking the same language the design comes to life and your dream wedding is born!

One of the most important vendors you will need to make a decision on is your photographer. We believe photos provide you with the ability to remember your wedding day in a vivid and tangible way.  Hiring a photographer who can seamlessly bring together the tangible and the intangible of your wedding day in photos is crucial when choosing your wedding team. We have partnered with one of the best in the industry, Stacy Hart Photography, to bring The Collective experience to our couples. Her natural, light and airy aesthetic and fine art approach is the perfect complement to our design and floral work.

What does your dream wedding look like? We would love to hear all about it! Get in touch today for a complimentary consultation and detailed guide to all of our services!




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